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Mission Statement

The Guava Producers’ Association is a voluntary collective of South African guava producers. Our mission is to promote the interests of guava producers and our partners in the SA guava industry and offer marketing, technical and logistical support.


To grow the guava industry to its full potential in volume and value thereby making it economically viable for producers to invest money in guava orchards and offer much needed employment in the agricultural sector.


The key objective of the Guava Producers’ Association is to provide a forum through which matters affecting the guava industry may be raised and addressed.

Specific objectives are:

  • To develop the guava industry through marketing and innovation
  • To coordinate the long term supply of guavas
  • To address any problems faced by the industry as a whole
  • To act as an advisory body and provide technical support for farmers
  • To represent guava producers on various forums such as: Government bodies, the canning industry, export bodies, international trade matters, agriculture, labour etc.
  • To drive industry transformation