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Guava Products

Approximately 45 000 tonnes of guavas are harvested per annum for fresh sales and processing in South Africa. This excludes a large volume of guavas sold by informal traders. The bulk of the guavas (of which 25 000 is produced in the Western Cape) are processed into juice products, while 24% (10 000 tonnes) are sold in the formal fresh market.

Guavas – Share by Category

Guava may be enjoyed in many delicious ways throughout the year. These include:


In the winter months, between April and September, fresh guavas are readily available at fruit and vegetable stores, supermarkets, fresh markets and farm stalls. There is noyhing better than biting into a juicy ripe guava


Choice guavas are harvested when perfectly ripe and transported to the cannery where they are sorted, skinned and canned. Canned guavas are available throughout the year for use as a dessert, in baking and in salads. Canned guavas are also a valuable export earner for the country.

Pulp & Concentrate

Large quantities of guavas are harvested and pulped or made into concentrates for use in juices.

Guava Juice & Fruit Blends

Nothing beats a 100% pure guava juice. The strength of the guava flavour also makes it ideal for fruit blends with other fruit juices.

Dried Guava

Dried and sugared guava, a favourite South African treat.